Understanding different modes. Static, singel, kinematic and so on

Great guide that explains the difference between the modes supported and in use here.
This link has died, new one posted below.


I’ll read, thanks for posting.

The above link has died.
New here http://plan.geomatics.ucalgary.ca/papers/guide_to_gps_positioning_ebook.pdf

or similar here http://nptel.ac.in/courses/Webcourse-contents/IIT-KANPUR/ModernSurveyingTech/lecture4/4_4_GPS_positioning.htm

If not its for sale as pdf or hard copy in the store.
Called : GPS POSITIONING GUIDE Published by authority of Natural Resources Canada

I will see if i can get around formulating some words of my own. To stick

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Great documents @TB_RTK. Thanks!