Unable to connect or flash EMLID Reach


When I boot EMLID Reach board I get an endless flashing yellow LED. Have made sure clear sky. No hosted network and unable to connect to another.
Tried re-flasing in Edison Board Config Tool & Comd Line - neither detect board after re-boot. Have also tried in Intel Flash Tool Lite which gives a little more info, commicated with board but fails (see image).

All drivers are correctly installed, and all seems to appear in windows device manager as fine with no issues?

Do I have a faulty board???

The flash log attached if this helps anyone identify why the flashing process is halting where it is… Thanks! :slight_smile:
FlasgLog.log (72.7 KB)

Check that all drivers are properly installed and Reach appears in the devices manager under the Ports selection as 1123.

In case there are issues with installing Edison drivers for Windows 7, please try to use different PC or Mac to reflash the unit.

Reflashing guide