UAV - Basic Ground Control Points for Mapping

I am trying to gather 6-10 GCP’s in the field for UAV Geomapping. I am a bit confused on whether I need my own WiFi/Connection for the paired units to work. I will be in remote areas. Can I save the rover points (Static GCP’s) with a “save” feature in the logs? If there is a better tutorial I would like to see it. I have yet to get the BASE to attain it’s own coordinates when I push start. Any help would be great.


You can find the information you need in the Quick starting guide found under the DOCS tab above.

There’s a lot of information there and you need to read it very carefully.


I have followed everything to the letter. I have a portable hotspot. The base coordinates do not propagate. I have no bars. I have done the updates. The rover seems to work fine.

Hi Jimmy, we could help you if you share more details about your setup and screenshots of the settings.

Here is the photos of the setup.

You need to start the base, by pressing “start” button in the config menu after setting the coordinates. You also need to save&load settings on your rover as it is in “Single” mode instead of “Kinematic”.

Settings changed. Base started but still no coordinates.


The warning is telling you what is wrong. You need to enter the base coordinates.

You set your rover to “single” instead of “kinematic”. Single is not an RTK mode.

How do I get accurate BASE coordinates? The GPS on a phone app?

For initial tests you can determine the coordinates with Reach, by switching it to rover. As soon as rover finds a single position copy-paste the coordinates and switch it to base.

While this Rover is active (to squire BASE coordinates) will it ever lock? The values are constantly changing. Also the height is, or appears to be, a negative number. Is that right?

What do you mean by lock? You will not have RTK precision with a single device.
Height can be negative, depending on your location.

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I was told to “copy and paste” the base coordinates. The values of the unit in ROVER MODE are constantly changing. Will there come a point where there will be constant values? The GPS unit is on top of my SUV. Do I have to be completely away from all buildings and structures to get constant values? e.g. a field or park.

It will not come to a constant value, you can copy paste the value at any time. The positioning will be accurate relative to the base station. Depending on how good is the base position determined you will have a constant shift in the rover coordinates.

To get an accurate base position you will need to determine the coordinates using NTRIP service or place the base on a point with a known coordinate.

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