Trouble connecting through reach view

After updating a couple of rs2 rovers to the latest stable firmware (2.24.0)

I am having unstable connection through reach view.

Reach has a sim and creates a hotspot that we connect too. The app can see the reach initially, but after pressing connect we only see the grey screen and never progress to the reach logo loading.

Have tried so many different ways of turning on and connecting with no reliable way of connecting.

I have the same issue on iOS and Android (reach view 2 and 3)

A colleague also undated their rs2 earlier this week and are having an identical issue.

I have just found that I can connect more reliably through a browser on my phone using the IP address.

Any suggestions?


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Hi @hairyape1,

Do you have the same issues when Reach is connected to any Wi-Fi network?

What iOS and Androind versions do you use?


So generally the app works very rarely on android wether on hotspot or wifi. The app doesnt work very often in iOS on hotspot but more reliable on external wifi.

Android 10

iOS 13.7

Its becoming really frustrating, we have two RS2s experiencing the same behaviour both were updated completely independently of each other by two separate people on different days at opposite ends of the country (reducing the likelihood of one of us messing it up! :smiley: )

Now facing loads of problems, bad connection, NTRIP info not saving, the reach hotspot not sharing mobile data to other devices etc.

Struggling to collect points on a day to day basis, usually we collect 20 points in 30 minutes for a survey, one engineer spent 3 hrs earlier and managed to collect 4 points due to the app not connecting or forgetting NTRIP login etc.

Hi @hairyape1,

We’d like to investigate the issue more thoroughly. Any chance you can check if the behavior persists when you take the SIM card out?

If you still experience intermittent access to ReachView, please, reflash the unit according to that guide. The guide is step by step and provides all the important information for successful reflashing.

Let me know if that helps.

Hi Artem,

Thank you for your reply.

I will conduct these tests later today, if no success, will reflash and report back.

Just as a point to note. We have already reflashed one of our devices using the above instructions with no improvement. But we have not tried with the sim removed, so this could be different.

Thank you for your swift reply.


We have just removed sim and tested with the following results

Android will connect to reach wifi but Reach2 app shows no receiver. Reach 3 shows receiver but cannot connect.
IP address via chrome app connects.

Seems pretty similar as before
Connects intermittently through reachview app.
Connects more reliably through ip address

Obviously correction or data share could not be tested with no sim and reach in hotspot mode.

We then reflashed firmware and tried tests again with similar results as before (reflashing doesnt seem to have changed problems)

Next we tried connecting the reachview to a hotspot created by the mobile device.

Apple - works intermittently (but this has always been the case as apple hotspot generation isnt reliable)

Android - connected perfectly through several power cycles of the RS2.
Reach 3 app working perfectly
Reach 2 app not showing receiver (tried several times before and after using reach3 app and also force closing apps etc)

In android with the mobile hotspot we also tested correction input via NTRIP and found the following:
Correction working via reach 3, but noticed that it doesnt seem to disconnect from correction via reach 3 app when turning off correction (app shows fix still etc).
To check this we connected the iphone to the the android hotspot and logged into the rs2 via ip address and could confirm that correction was indeed still on and connected (with rs3 app showing as turned off in the menu).

Interestingly rebooting and going to turn on correction in reachview 3, the ntrip info was remembered. But in reach view 2 (via iphone) it was forgotten.

In synopsis I dont think removing the sim has solved any of the issues. But we have discovered a new workflow that works this end by using the mobile hotspot on android. It doesn’t solve any of the connection issues etc and we still need to solve them. But at least we can no go and collect points. (well I can… but the colleague with the other rs2 and ios is still struggling with unreliable connection through the app, but they have a reliable ish workflow using ip address login :slight_smile: )

Obviously this is a lot of information, I am aware I am not the most effective communicator… please ask any additional questions for clarification if required.


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Hi @hairyape1,

Thank you for the thorough description.

Please, PM me the Full System Report from the unit. This way we will be able to check the internal logs of the receiver.

Hi @hairyape1,

Have you had a chance to download the Full System Report from your RS2?

Hi Artem, so sorry for the delay in getting this to you.

I have time this week to get and send a report.

We are still experiencing similar issues with the systems at the moment :slight_smile:

Hi @hairyape1,

We’re still looking into the reports you’ve sent. To help us a bit, could you please specify if you’re having difficulties connecting to both ReachView 2 and ReachView 3?

Hi Polina, sorry missed this reply.
I have completely lost the ability to use reach 2 on my iphone 7, but a colleagues iphone (also 7) will connect intermittently.

My android phone will only connect on reach 3, I have never managed to connect on reach 2 with the adroid.

Both phones work ok with ip address through browser.

@polina.buriak @artem.fomenko

Have an update, it appears to be an issue with the way android is setting up the wifi connection to the emlid hotspot. If the emlid was not sharing data when connectiong, android will switch to using data from the internal sim from the phone. If you can catch it and tell it to use the data from the emlid then we seem to have soilved some of the issues…
But now a new problem presents itself… everything works well for 5 mins and then the phone looses connection to the emild (this happens on android and iphone) and in the phone settings you can see the emlid network displayed as saved but it wont connect.
And we cant find a way to reconnect without restarting emild… only for it all to happen again after 5 mins.

Some progress! But still problems


Hi @hairyape1,

Please, check your PM. I wrote you there as the next troubleshooting steps are easier to handle in a private chat.

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