hi all thus is my first post,
what options do i have if i want to buy a tripod,
i cant see any for sale in the store

Emlid isn’t going to sell stuff like that. Google “survey equipment” and you’ll turn up what you need from cheap to expensive…from light to heavy, so consider your needs.


thanks for your reply, that would have been my next stop,
ive just purchased a reach rs today, but it wont be delivered for the next few days, so i wasn’t sure if it had its own fitment or it was universal

You could use any camera tripod. If you want to be able to properly center over a point then consider getting a tribrach and a tripod. There are several styles to choose from.

“Standard” survey thread is 5/8" UNC. Reach RS+ comes with a 1/4" UNC common camera thread. It also has a brass adapter to the standard survey thread. (but there are other survey equipment threads too - if you buy something, make sure it is 5/8" or 1/4")


great thanks for that, much appreciated

No prob. Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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if you get a typical camera tripod, make sure to get a solid built one especially where you attach the Emlid RS and possibly an extension pole on that as well. Cheap Bosch camera tripod ones are flimsy plastic and it “wobbles”. The rest of this type of tripod is fine (legs etc), but the top is not. You can also get cheaper survey grade tripods, but are bulkier and heavier, but as bide mentioned can add a tribrach. DO you need to travel with it? consider weight and portability. Same for the Rover pole and bi-pod for it. You can get expensive rover poles that break down into small portable sections, or split in 2 if sufficient. the bi-pod will still be bulky though. just depends on your needs really… take traveling into consideration such as shipping, train, biking or flying, unless driving, then fine.

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don;t forget, you’ll need to of thes rover poles, one for base and one for rover. Good great quality “SECO” equipment there and system as Michael mentions!

The fluorescent SECO yellow is great!

Don’t get the following from tiger:

I ordered their Adir brand in so called FLOURESCENT YELLOW, I received it and it was frick’n GREEN!!! Add get this, it took me about 6 months to get my refund with numerous calls to them! They let me keep the GREEN rover pole, but either way, the hassle was unbelievable!
Also, don’t get their 1/4 to 5/8 thread adapter either! The threading is made wrong and does NOT work:

Best to get those Camvate adapters at B&H Photo, no tax, free shipping and great photography equipment etc.


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