Too much heating in Reach M2

1-When I connect Reach M2 with computer ,its gets too much heating in device no satellite data is receiving
2- What is ideal power supply for reach M2 through USB cable , why heating too much
3- Firmware is updated

Hi Chandrahas,

Could you please share the photos of your setup with us?

It’d also help me check the working temperature of the unit if you sent the Full System Report. Please, share it with me in PM as it might contain sensitive information.

Reach M2 requires 5V and 600mA from the power supply.


Thanks for the report! I’ll take a look at it and get back with the news. I’ve deleted your report from the public section as it might contain sensitive data.

Could you please add the photos of your hardware setup here?


I have checked the system report that you shared and I can’t see any prior indication of overheating. The unit works at the temperatures of 65 degrees which is alright.

May I ask you to continue troubleshooting the issue of satellite reception with me in the following community thread? This will help us avoid confusion and keep all the facts in one thread.

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