Tolerance adjustment

do we have an option in reachview to adjust tolerances like HRMS, VRMS, and PDOP/HDOP? i would like to set a fix reading when the tolerances are met. e.g. H=0.10, V=0.15, PDOP=4.

thank you…

Try the survey tab.
in there you define the tye of fix, the duration of that fix type and the (much more precise than PDOP) RMS errors you are ahppy to accept.

Hi @pinoy,

@Simon_Allen is right. You can set Auto-save rules in Survey tab when creating a project.
Choose the Solution status and push the pencil icon.

yes sir. but what i mean is that the tolerance adjustment should be placed outside the survey tab. because even when you adjust the tolerances in the survey tab, it is only be used inside the survey tab project. i use survce and fieldgenius. if i adjust the tolerance settings in survce or in fieldgenius, it doesnt follow the tolerance made. maybe because it is fixed inside reachview.

@pinoy, at the moment there’s no such functionality in ReachView.
I saw your thread with the suggestion and answered you there.


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