Time pulse pin Reach RTK (original Reach) and hardware resources

Does the original Reach break out the time pulse or PPS, (Reach M+ has PPS at least) future at any pin?

And BTW how much resources are left on the intel chip to perfom other operations? Or is there more room for such things at the M+ or the upcoming M+2?

Could someone please clarify whether this has been implemented in the mean time or how I can implement that myself? Or has someone e.g. @vclor implemented it and would share the solution?

I would also be interested whether there is a delay introduced by mirroring.

Sorry, no PPS (time pulse) output on the original Reach module:


It has been a while since I looked at the processes on the Edison, but I believe there were plenty of resources available for other tasks.

I am not sure if the PPS is wired to the Edison such that it could be routed to a spare GPIO. Hopefully someone else knows the answer to that.

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Thank you, I think I mixed up Time pulse and PPS. PPS is basically a time pulse per second, with a rising edge at very full second (23:59:59.000), right?

I think I can work with PPS, my goal is to sync inputs from different sensors with the gnss data.
Could that program mentioned below be written in Python and would that program be fast enough to introduce no delay?

Is their a developer guide some where?

Some information I have collected from the forum which gives hints but leaves a lot of questions and I would be interested to have more/clarified information about it.

Is that PPS or configurable time pulse?

I.e. it could be mirrored on GPIO46 or GPIO77?

Is that PPS or configurable time pulse?

Where is the confusion (M8T pins, or Edison pins and naming in hardware and software?) and where can I read about that?

GPIO46, GPIO77, PWM, SCL, SDA, TX, RX are connected to Intel Edison via buffers and are 3.3 V logic level, 5 V tolerant.

SCL and SDA belong to I2C1 on Intel Edison, I2C1 also could be used to communicate with internal magnetometer in MPU9250.

This could be used to output the MPU9250 data or record other sensor data with the Edison?

PWM belongs to PWM3 GPIO183 on Intel Edison

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