Thingstream PointPerfect

Can Thingstream PointPerfect be used as correction services with an RS2

Hi Holger,

We have all eyes for this technology, too, but our devices are not working with it. RS2 uses the corrections from another base unit only.

So we’re on RTK technology. You can hook your RS2 with another device via LoRa radio or even NTRIP, for example. Choose your fighter :slight_smile:

Hi Polina
Thanks for your reply.
Does that mean that at some point you will support Thingstream PointPerfect?
Today I use a mix of NTRIP and LoRa via an M2 + LoRa module as a base.

Hi Holger,

I can’t really give you any promises here. For now, you can indeed receive corrections via NTRIP through the Internet. It’s even possible to set up your own correction network with our Caster options.

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