The PPK processing problem in the case of observation/LOGs have been recorded by various CORS stations

I am using RS2 for kinematic measurements with CORS correction, during long distance kinematic measurements in road it takes correction from different Stations but with same mount point “NEAR” and calculation in Emlid rover is OK with Fixed solution and while I am converting (or direct Emlid) the base RTCM3 msg to RINEX the base coordinate is taking only last point coordinates , and that make me inposible to use this rinex oas base observation por PPK processing.

Converter tool must convert and separate into several files based on the station point coordinates.

Also can you set in NMEA2 the type of messages PTNL, BPQ1 for information about base station, that is very useful.

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Geo.S L.l.c

RTK solution nmea

PPK solution

Compare both solution

I assume you are using RTKPost for postprocessing?

Yes, I use RTKPost and as rover input rinex and base converted rinex from RTCM3

To my knowledge, RTKPost does not support multiple location base files.

However, have your set your Base position setting to “From Rinex Header”? Could be worth the shot.

I know that commercial software such as EzSurv will split up the file automatically, whenever a new position is found in the observation file.
When this this happens, the fix also broken, and thus need to be reobtained.

So in general, if you keep it to 1 cors, you will have more consistent result. Or, even better, download all the Cors station data directly from the provider and post process all the combinations and then combine to 1.

Try the newest RTKLIB beta (34a) from RTK explorer

He has tweaked RTKLIB to run well with the ublox based receivers. I noticed in the change log for beta 34 that it can now handle the bases changing in the RTCM stream (this was mentioned in the changelog on the rtklib GitHub site). I haven’t been able to test this out yet as it’s not a common problem I encounter in my work, but thought I’d mention seeing this improvement to the software in case the new version helps you.
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Well, that should sort it :smiley:

the purpose is not to use a single file for multi base. but only in conversion different base station to be stored in separated files.

Also tried with DEMO RTKLIB 34 but same all observation are in single file with one header coordibatw

Using of rinex files from provider is not free that is why i need to use data from RTCM in PPK

Hi @geo.s.shpk,

You are right, RTKLib does not split the RINEX log into several files based on the base station coordinates. I’ve passed your requests to the team. They are noted.

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