Telemetry outputs other than -A & -C don't work

Hi all,

I am facing the same problem as @finst. Right now I have a Navio2 mounted on a Raspberry3 and I have integrated a Lidar and a gimbal. Following this post I set the three output streams as:

  • -A for udp connection with the GCS.
  • -C for serial connection with the gimbal (through /dev/ttyUSB0)
  • -D for serial connection with the Lidar (through /dev/ttyAMA0)

Then in the GCS i set the SERIALX parameters correctly (I know they are correct because I had tried the interconnection of each device separately streaming only to -C port) and the only device that was working was the gimbal.

Then as @george.staroselskiy suggested I configured the second output port to be SERIAL5 on APM and forwarded it to /dev/ttyAMA0 and it worked perfectly.

My question is what are the -D and -E outputs made for, since we can’t use them. I know that -A is preconfigured to be used as console and -B for primary GPS, but let’s say I want to integrate the Reach RTK to the drone along with the gimbal and the Lidar, how would I do it if I can not stream (nor receive) on more than two ports? Is there any way to have more than two devices connected?



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