Telemetry on serial port on Navio2

Hello, when starting Arducopter with -C switch, does the telemetry get sent to the uart port?

If so, on mission planner wich one is the serial i should set? (i think Serial1, since serial 0 is the one i use with -A on UDP)

Is it ok to set the port speed trough Mission planner?



“sudo ArduCopter-quad -C /dev/ttyAMA0” does point to uart (with default baudrate for -C: 57600 )

on mission planner (I’m not sure if i understand you correctly) i use the com port that is being recognised for my usb-serial adapter

Hello Benedikt,

i use sudo ArduCopter-quad -A udp:ip:14550 -C /dev/tty/AMA0

If i am correct at this point i have my 2nd telemetry going out of serial port on navio. Now, i need 115k for Alexmos gimbal, my question is, how do i recognize wich serial is the correct one? (serial1, serial2 ecc ecc) so that i can set the correct 115k baudrate and correct mavlink protocol in mission planner?


i never tried using uart for gimbal; (though pointing secondary telemetry [-c] to the gimbal does not sound right)
uart may work too with navio2 (although NOT with -C option) but i never had a chance to try that

you either use “pass through” for the appropiate channels (something between ch9-ch14) or you set up channels with mnt options from ardupilot (

Since firmware 2.60 alexmos supports mavlink, so theoretically the gimbal is feeded with ahrs, gps, compass, rc and and some other stuff trough mavlink. So, reading from the manual what i need is a serial on navio with mavlink getting out of it at 115k. What i am wondering is, if i use switch -C, how do i know wich serial i am using serial1…5?

Once i know the serial i can try to double chack again if everything is ok.

You can take a look here (page65):


i will have a look in the next few days to alexmos gimbal controller;
here might be some infos:

Thank you. So it looks like Serial1 is the correct port.

Setting the baudrate and protocol type inside Mission Planner for Serial1 is ok or speed is hardcoded into AP?

I think i’ll give a shot at telemetry2 with -D switch to see if it makes any diff.


No! It’s all configurable within GCS. SERIAL_SPEED being the parameters to look for.

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