TBC Post-processing fails

I usually use the Trimble Bussines Center for post-processing.
I made a 17 minute observation of a fixed point and trying to calculate, both with the TBC and the rtkpost, the result is unsuccessful.
attached the rinex of the RS2 and the reference antenna

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What are you baseline lengths for PP ? Is the point in the open ? I’d recommend at least 30 min for short baselines, minimum 1 hour for longer lengths.

Hi Rafa,

I’ve processed your logs and here is the result:

I had to adjust some parameters for calculation according to our guide on how to analyze the PPK solution. Here is the parameters I’ve used:

Also, I’ve increased the SNR Mask up to 40.

I can PM you all the solution files if needed. I’d also wanted to point out that Bryan’s remarks are really viable for such kind of tasks.

I would appreciate it if you could send me the solution files to have as a guide.
I will be able to work with the rtklib application and the guide. thank you

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