@TB_RTK first hands-on experience with Reach RS

Thanks to @bide for breaking the ice about Reach RS :wink:

Im just another lucky user to recive a pair of RS units, no strings attached.
About me:
No survey grade, my first experience was Topcon GRS1 in 2013 i think, and from there i learnd everything on my own.
My daily work is CAD operator (data animated construction) and site planing. Using tools like Archicad and Architerra.
I discovered Reach when looking for return to home function for my model airplan and started digging into features of Reach.

I will updated this thread as i progress learing this devices inside out, picking it apart and with great risk of damage it (i hope not) , but my car-ma has left the building.

From this point and on i assume you are more careful then me. Any copycat action is at your own risk.
Now, lets digg into Reach RS and see what its good for.


First long range test with LoRa i did with 10dB. Center position on mobil topomap is base, two others are at rover.
A bit quick on the screenshot trigger as it captures the Age of diff a bit soon, it dropped few seconds after this.
BTW. Age of differential changes to red above 5 seconds.

Im also looking forward to see what Emlid i cooking together regarding COGO, saving/loading points and all the other features thats been writtan about.

I did a not so smart move today and strapped RS to my RC car and sent it into hills of gravel and tarmac nightmare.
A youtube channel is up wih Emlid stuff in and a Twitter that serves as a sneak peak now and then.
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCck52AWmU1Vo9HXMHxJuH3A
Twitter - https://twitter.com/ToreClash

Here some DIY mount. Had to make a fix for the camera to hold securely, the Reach RS was not so important to secure :joy:

And here a screen where i do a roll with the RS on the car. Taken from the movie above.
I also scratch one side of the case.

And some random images

Well, thats it for now. Both my units still works, Yay :grin: And live to see another day.
Stay tuned for more…


just awesome


Wow, that’s a pretty fancy sensor package for an RC car!

The crash scene makes me wonder how much abuse the ceramic element in the GNSS antenna can take. Not that I want anybody find out.

Yeah… i was looking through ebay yesterday for a wip replacement, i think my abuse is gonna kill this one soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Did a driving test with rover hanging inside the car on the head support thingy, and the antenna vertical. Base mounted on my fixed point with 6dB output on the LoRa. This antenna pointed out horizontaly.
Poor satellite signal of course but manage to get 1,4km distance from base @ lowest dB output on the base.
Thats not bad at all. How many mW are we talking? 4 mW and 1,4km range!! :scream: Or 0.0039 W. :grin:

Does that mean the RS rover was mounted upside-down? Now you’re really pushing the limits of intended usage!

Sorry, i dont have a 5/8 mountscrew on my cars roof :blush:
More like 45 degrees. Used a gorillapod

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In action/behind the scene photage


And one portrait format

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What is the diameter of the screw holding the antenna ?
I ordered two and I need to find a proper survey pole for it.

The antenna it self or the bolt going through the case?

do you have a picture from below ?

its a 1/4" mount hole.

thank you very much ! Now I can find out a reasonably priced pole. I will come back if I found a solution.

@Pascal_P Each Reach RS comes with an adapter to 5/8 survey pole thread as well.

Excellent ! Do you have pics of the adaptor ?
I found this carbon pole in Germany (1.3m to 2.2m / 230 € / Bohnenstingl)

Pascal, the adapter is visible on the first and third pictures in this topic :slight_smile:

The pole that you have selected seems to have female thread, while it should be male.

Ok Thanks for answer, so I need 5/8 male / male adaptor. :wink:

Bottom is female 5/8

Adapter placed on a mm sheet paper