Surveying a maritime archaeological site with Reach RS — Photo Contest Winner 2018

Today we tell a story behind the photo that won Emlid Photo Contest 2018:

The photo was captured at the archaeological site called Mothia (or Mozia). The site is approximately 45-hectare large and is located a few kilometers west of Sicily. Mothia was settled in the 8th century BC and was surveyed with Reach RS in the summer of 2018.

The main goal of Archaeo Perspective (the research team working in Mothia) was to determine and measure possible positions of port facilities and wrecked ships that lie off the coast.

Reach RS rover installed on a floating platform

Archaeo Perspective team used Reach RS base and rover to fix the position of underwater archaeological features. They adapted the rover unit for underwater research to accomplish the task.

During the survey Reach RS rover was accurately placed over underwater points of interest. With this simple but efficient method, Archaeo Perspective recorded centimeter-accurate coordinates and produced valuable data for further research.

Reach RS+ for the contest winner

From left to right: Andreas Steininger of Archaeo Perspective and Ivan Tochev of General Laser, our dealer in Austria

Archaeo Perspective is based in Vienna, so we asked representatives of General Laser, Austrian dealer of Emlid, to meet and award the winners.

Once again we congratulate Archaeo Perspectives on winning Reach RS+ receiver! We hope it will help to accomplish even more tasks in the next season!

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