Survey download not working on note 8

I have tried downloading both over my home wifi and over the device’s built in wifi.

I am connected both through wifi and bluetooth.

As soon as I press export the please wait banner shows and goes away immediately.

I have searched in my downloads folder and there is not data.

any advice on the matter?

search here… this problem keeps popping up for the Androids for some reason…but works fine on iOS. probably a workaround.

Hi @airwaveimaging,

May I ask you to use web browser version of ReachView to download files currently?

Please open ReachView in Google Chrome or Mozilla, depending on which one you have on your Android device, and try to download the survey project again.

Follow this guide to access ReachView in a browser.

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We’ll fix the issue with Android app in the next ReachView release.

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Using the chrome version on my phone worked. Just an extra step I suppose. Thank you!


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