Survey App for Boundary Generation

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I’m trying to work with an outdoor tradeshow admin and mapping out the boundaries of the booths. Except, I’m looking to complete the task as logging the point of one corner of the booth then have an app measure the distance as I walk to be able to find the next corner, then subsequently the next corner etc.

So far I’ve found MapIt, however it only gives me distance after logging points, rather than providing it as I walk so I know when to stop.

I’m using two RS+ units for RTK. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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@zach I have not used it personally, but I know that a lot of other users on here us FieldGenius from MicroSurvey. Here is the link to their site. Hopefully this helps!

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Pretty cool software. I mainly use my Javad J-Field software when using my T2. I’ve played around in the FG with the RS2 a few times, pretty intuitive field software.

I like it… I’ve been wanting to try with my T2 but the FG software doesn’t have the exacting procedures for verifying a point when making observations as J-Field.

I’ve had to do something quite similar to this recently… People also recommended FG however it is quite expensive unless you’re going to be using it a lot. I used QGIS and kluged a lot of the advanced measurement tools. It is not incredibly seamless. Kinda buggy. Best of luck!

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