Support for Wheel encoder


Does the navio2 support wheel encoder input for Ardurover?
IS this a limitation of the hardware ?

Anyone ?

Navio2 does not support wheel encoders. It might work with a new firmware for the RC coprocessor, but I am not sure.

@egor.fedorov @mikhail.avkhimenia will there be future support for encoders?
To me, this is such a crucial feature for land based rover. Would be awesome of Emlid had support for this like the pixhawk.


Just wondering if this might appear in a possible future update ?

I believe trying to match pixhawk hardware functionality is crucial for people to adopt navio2. Having encoder support is a very important feature to have.

If this is not on the road map then those who would like to use the full ardu rover features have to move away from navio2 to a pixhawk+ companinon computer setup if they would like to do things more accurately.

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