Suggestions for next version Reach View

  1. Able to use georeferenced images from Google Earth offline. Web not available everywhere.
  2. Able to create dropdown list for Survey point Description. Big time saver and increase uniformity.
  3. Repeat last survey point description. Again to save time for a series of points all the same type.
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ReachView is ULTRA BASIC for any sort of real Survey work. Seems more geared for basic point collection via rover, drone post processing. Just need to get FieldGenius, Carlson SurvCE/PC, TopCon Field Magnet etc. Either old school data collector, or tablet, laptop, etc options. The android survey apps are few and far between… and are much different than what has been around for years.

Not sure Emlid wants to be in the survey software business as they would have to duplicate all the features in the above software examples (that’s one long list of suggestions!)… not seeing Stakeout on the horizon nonetheless either which would really be nice.

I looked at the options you mentioned and found them to be expensive. Not dissing them but looking for non industrial options. I’m a retired Civil PE have played with all the expensive commercial solutions, but now just want to do an occasional survey or TOPO job for anybody on a limited budget. Besides I get a kick out of doing really exactly the same quality thing with this basic and very less expensive equipment. That said, I can do ok with the reachview set up but find it clunky and with fat fingers on a small screen error prone. I think if Emlid would accommodate surveyors and the like, they might find a large number of new customers like me.

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You may be waiting a long time. Maybe check out the Android apps in the meantime:
MobileTopographer (very decent price and probably what you need)
RTN Friend
SuperSurv ($200?)
Not sure SurveyMaster works with Emlid?
AutoCAD 360 with NTRIP Client with Mock turned on (and permissions allowed via developer settings).

Maybe free QGIS on a tablet or laptop with plugins? huge learning curve though.

iOS (not sure how you’d get the data from the Emlids though to the iPad, iPhone).
Stakeout iCMT

Yes, it would be awesome if Emlid made the ReachView “Survey” more along the lines of those $$$$ programs, but I think their plate is full.

Good Luck.

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and this

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