Succesfull 18Kbs test to 4.3km

I want to share my test results of trying to get a high AR Validation Ratio in continuous mode and not fix & hold! I live in a pretty open area so im not sure this will apply to every project.

Constellations: GPS, GALILEO & SBAS @ 14Hz
Air data rate: 18.23 kb/s
Output power: 20 dBm
1002, 1006, 1097 & 1107 @ 1Hz
1019 @ 0.5Hz
Rover GPS AR mode: continuous


Hi Brian_Alsum

This test was made in a aerial case (base on ground + drone - aerial) or terrestrial (base and rover on ground)?

Can you tell more about you like the link used (cell, modem/radio)?

Thanks for any information!

Best Regards,

Thiago Tiedtke dos Reis

this was purely the built in LoRa Radio at 915Mhz and 18Kbs

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Sorry this was just done with two RS units on the ground.

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