Stuck in loading

Hi I have a brand new rs2. Set up in the office fine. Now I’m in the field and the battery loading lights won’t stop blinking. Seems to be stuck in loading mode. I have tried doing the 15 and 30 second reset. Problem persists.

To add an update to this, I have re-flashed it twice too. I’m able to get through the initial setup, but on the first reboot after this, it goes into the same boot loop where it never fully loads.

Did you recently update the firmware? This exact scenario occurred to me today, after I updated firmware yesterday.

I think it updates when you do the initial setup, so technically yes. After the third time flashing it I seem to have gotten it to work. It took a few minutes or more to finish the first reboot (longer than earlier in the week or on my RS 1 units).

Tomorrow I’ll take it out in the field and see if the problem returns or not-that should be very telling.

I’ll give reflashing a crack but I’m glad I tried before I actually needed it on Monday

I’ll update this post with what I find out tomo. Not that it really matters if you can’t access it, but flashing it will delete all data on it, just fyi

Yeah that’s all good, I make a habit of exporting before I leave the field anyway in case something happens

Seems to be all good now👍

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Agreed, after a re-flashing of the firmware it seems to be operating ok now.

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