Strange problem with RS2 + M2 PPK UAV


Today I was finally able to test our new PPK system (RS2 + M2).
We followed the same procedure as when we used L1 systems with satisfactory results.

We have made the two UBX files (BASE and UAV) but when postprocessing the camera events are the same as the photos, and all in FIX.

The problem is the position of the events, it is erratic and arbitrary

The flight was a typical mapping grid, we don’t understand why this happened.

I’m gonna hang the UBX from the base and the UAV, see if anyone can help me find out what I did wrong.



Hi @alzabale,

Please, use the new version of the RTKLib QT apps to convert and post-process your files. You can download them in our GPS Post-processing guide. The issue with widely dispersed time-marks occurs in the previous version of the RTKLib and is fixed in the RTKLib QT.

I’ve got the following results after post-processing your files with the RTKLib QT apps:

  • the time-marks


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