Static Processing

Hello, I have 2 unit Emlid RS2.
I’m trying Static method for making two benchmark and I’m using CORS as a BASE. When I Process data on Trimble Business Center, the Baseline from CORS to my receiver is good, but the Baseline data from my 1st Receiver to 2nd Receiver is failed. Can someone in here give me a Settings for Static Method and Manual book of Emlid RS2?

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Would you please share details here ? Screenshots, error messages, and also files if you agree ?

Have you tried process them in Emlid Studio ? We can barely help you with TBC here, as this is essentialy focused on Emlid products and services.

like this.
I’m using Emlid Studio for Post Processing too, but in emlid studio I can’t find standard deviation, X error, Y error, or Z error, at TBC I can get reports on my data so I can know the precision of my data.
what are the parameters of the emlid studio post file that can tell me that the data is good?

You can see estimated standard deviations on each coordinate in the POS file created by Emlid Studio when the baseline process is done. Columns are titled se, sn and su if I remember correctly.


Hi @arsifalf,

Yep, as Florian said, you can find standard deviations in the POS file with the results. This file generates automatically during the processing in the folder you set for output.

The POS file can be opened in any text editor. The values you need are sdn, sde, sdu. They stand for North, East, and Up components of standard deviation in meters.

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