Ssh in version **26.2**


I’m new in the forum but I use emlid reach for a while :slight_smile:
Can somebody confirm ssh is still available in this version?
After my last upgrade I can ssh connect (so IP is correct ;-)) but root/emlid login doesn’t work :frowning:… Or maybe default password changes?
i though I forgot I changed the password, but even if can be true for root, I never changed emlid…
it’s the same over wifi and usb/eth…
Http connection is OK (last chance to reset config :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).
I’ve other modules to update but I stopped the process because of this possible issue…

Hope somebody can help me,

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Hi Jim,

We closed the root access a long time earlier for safety reasons.

You can ssh to reach using the reach user though, but with limited access. We did it since once users change anything in the device internally, it becomes extremely complicated for us to troubleshoot issues and get down to what’s happening if something goes wrong with the device.

What is the purpose of using ssh in your project? I believe there can be an alternative solution to what you’re trying to do, and we’re here to help you find it out.

Hi Tatiana,

Thank you very much for responding!
Well, the goal was to change static IP over usb to dhcp client.
So, now I can ssh :grin: but I can’t change network/ :frowning: ).
Is there a way to do that (I tried sudo but, of course, it doesn’t work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )?
Changing my side to be client is not a really big issue, but the next problem is I cannot set the default route to reach the caster… Of course, I can remap IP in my host but it starts to be complicated :crazy_face:.

Thanx again,


There is no way to establish a static IP on the Reach device or change the static IP over USB. What you want to accomplish is not a standard task. That’s why we don’t have a ready solution on it.

At the moment, it looks like you can either use the standard static IP over USB or, as you said, change it on your side.

By the way, why did you decide to go with static IP for your application? Do you want to provide Internet access on the unit that way?

Hi Tatiana,

In old versions (yes, it was always better before :slight_smile:), it was easy to set DHCP=yes in and it solved both the ability to reach each modules (different addresses) and the default route. With a static uniq IP it’s not the case anymore…
i understand it’s not considered as a standard feature :-(.
To answer your question, yes, way to the caster is through USB.
We use this modules with an on-board-unit in connected cars to achieve a precise positionning and the link use cellular 4G/5G with NAT (fun :laughing:).


Hi JiM,

Some cellular modems that are natively supported by Linux should work out of the box with Reach if connected over USB-OTG.

Which Reach device do you work with? I can check on the exact modems we tested.

Hi Tatiana,

Well, it’ not really our case, we are the modem that’s why we usually act as a dhcp server.
I think it could be a good option, in further version, to add something in web configuration to set config as a dhcp server/client for usb and ethernet… It will be something very close to what I did manually before :smirk:
We use Reach M+ and have also old devices, very close to the M+, without plastic case :older_man: .
For now, I’ll not upgrade my other modules (thankfully, I updated only one) and try to find a magic formula in iptables to remap address.
If not, because I cannot set a default router on USB it means I cannot use a non-local caster on this link… Too bad (for me :slight_smile:)


Hi JiM,

Thanks for walking us through your workflow! Just wanted to revive this thread quickly. At the moment, we’re not planning to add the ability to change the DCHP settings on our units.

Currently, you can use the receivers with the Emlid Caster: this way, you don’t have to build your caster. On the official website, you will find the brief connection steps that’ll help you set it.

Alternatively, as you’ve already discussed, there are two more options available: the standard static IP over USB option or the configuration change on your side.

Hi Polina,

Too bad, I upgraded the last version of code today and there is still not an easy switch like static/dynamic for ethernet/usb interface…
There are not two alternative applicable solutions but only one, because of default router…
My pupose is not use a dedicated caster when there are some, standard, already deployed.
I’ll keep my (very) old version (where I can set dhcp on ethernet) and try to find a efficient solution.
Hope code will evolve in a more easy way to integrate for me, it’s really quite easy…


Hi JiM,

Indeed, we didn’t introduce any change in that department. We’re not planning to in the future releases either. Changing the DCHP settings on the unit is not how we recommend configuring the units, after all.

Still, I can get that you’d like to keep your workflow with the units. That’s fair. But our updates keep our units ready for further development and help us to provide consistent support.

I can’t promise we’re going to add such a configurational option for our receivers. As of now, we’re left with the good ol’ USB option for your usecase. That’s what I can suggest for now.

Hi Polina,

Thank you for your answer, even if it doesn’t suit me ;-).
Could you at least choose a static address on usb/ethernet compatible with a short mask like /30 to avoid monopolizing of a /27 addr just for 2 addresses? If I’m not wrong you set Use permit a /30 for example. You can also separate 192.168.42 in many parts to limit impact on non independent networks.


Hey JiM,

Sometimes that’s what life is :sweat_smile: I get that such workflow will be helpful in your hardware setup. Still, to consider such feature in our app and receivers, we’ll need to think a bit wider and reason out different implementation scenarios. This brings us back to the fact that we’re not considering changing the way we handle the IP connection to the unit.

That’s just it. There are no more answers I can give to you at this point.

P. S. Looks like I’m losing the track of time in your thread, sorry about it!

Oh, wanted to add that the Emlid Caster or the configurational change still stand as options. They are not going anywhere.

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