[solved] Logging satellite visibility and C/N0

Hi all

We just purchased a set of Emlid Reach RTK GPS devices and would like to evaluate and compare their performance. We are using one device as the base, determining its position with a survey-in, and the other one as the rover, getting corrections via TCP.

In order to compare this GPS pair with others, we need to log some data. A large part of the data, such as position, fix type, uncertainties, are found in the “Position” log, which is great. What we also need to log is satellite visibility, effectively the data displayed in the ReachView Satellite SNR chart. Is this data found in any of the logs? Perhaps the raw UBX logs?
I have tried following the post processing tutorial but have not been able to find the data I am looking for.

Is this data contained in any of the logs?


I have put a red ring around the button you should push to get the data you are looking for

Thanks for the fast reply, @TB_RTK. I have not had any luck with RTKPOST, I just get an error “error : rtkplot execution”.

However, I realized that the .obs files generated with RTKCONV from the .ubx log contains the SNR for each seen satellite, which is what I’m interested in.

Problem solved!

Yes, you can also open up your .obs file in RTKPLOT and see the SNR plotted in a couple of different ways. (which is the same as that button that TB_RTK mentioned )

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