Solution Type; Code Diff

Hello family. After weeks of trying to post process raw logs from the rs2 to no avail, I’ve been able to finally do so using my same old Topcon tools. I decided to log some data with both reach base and Rover units in static mode. Log 3 points with the reach rover and 2 points from 2 CHC( from huacenav) L1 receivers (Meaning 3 rovers on site). Rinexed both and renamed each log (REF1 for reach base log, AAA1, AAA2, AAA3 for the 3 logs from the reach Rover and AAA4 & AAA5 for the 2 logs from the chc l1 receivers). After post processing, vectors from any of the chc receivers and (to) the reach rover logs were showing as fixed, L1 whilst the vectors from the reach base(REF1) and (to) all rover logs (AAA1 to AAA5) were showing solution type as “code diff”. I know I’m supposed to be getting fixed, l1l2 as solution type from the reach rs2 to rs2 logs. What must I be doing wrong here?? Also, what’s the meaning of code differential?? Many responses will help me here. Thanks family!

This is the processing report I generated. Thanks in advance

I have the same problem, I tested several ways to process and it looks like L1 / code. I believe the mistake is in converting the native file into the equipment.