Software to use pdf plan with emlid for stakeout

Hello there,

I sometimes get PDF plans instead of the cad files for projects when we’re at a land clearing phase. Ideally i would be able to pick some points on the plane to establish benchmarks, overlay the plans on those real world measurements and then stakeout points on the plans.

I have seen that feature in Magnetic Field. Can fieldgenius for Android do this? Do you have other recommendations?

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FGA won’t do this directly.

Been doing it regularly with Global Mapper which is a brilliant swiss army knife utility for this type of work.

In this case it can either open a coordinated GeoPDF, or easily load and calibrate a standard PDF using almost any vector format of points/lines/areas, CS, or datum . And with a couple clicks will export it as GeoTiff or DXF compatible as a background layer in FGA, or DXF that will load as points in Flow.

Otherwise it will do almost anything else you want to do with most any vector or bitmap format, CS, datum (or create your own). The image registration functionality is impressive. Highly recommended & worth the bucks.


Thanks Wombo!

A couple of examples:

Once you are done:


Hi Matthew,

We have a feature request to upload background maps such as pdf in Emlid Flow. It is not in our roadmap yet, but I will add yours as +1.

Also, thank you @Wombo for sharing your workflow!


Yep, I’ve been a GM user from the early days. Great software I use practically every day. Great for LIDAR observables !


I looked at your map examples, that’s one of few I see with azimuths. It takes me back to the early 70’s using trig tables when traversing out in the field. A lot of times it was necessary to go around big trees when running a true boundary line. If anybody knows about field computations out in the field then, you always carried azimuths as it was easier to compute offsets when using trig tables !

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Thank you for sharing that! I have been using GM for years and didn’t know about this!

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