Software schedule?

I wonder what the schedule/roadmap is for the RS2 firmware and ReachView app?

Like when might we se the IMU in operation?


Hi Andreas,

That’s a really good question, but this is something we can’t share before the releases :wink:. We have the roadmaps for our firmware and ReachView 3, and the devs teams are working on this. We pay attention to all of the feature requests or notes our users share and think about how we can develop a solution for it. It can be like a spoiler alert for what we’re going to implement.

Regarding the IMU, it’s a rather complicated process that requires the creation of an algorithm that needs particular hardware capabilities. It’s something we’re thinking about for the future, but it can hardly be done for RS2.

So why is there a IMU in the RS2 if it hardly can be done?


Hi Andreas,

We’re looking for solutions that will make it possible to use the IMU in the calculations in the future, but it’s a complex process that requires thorough research and development that is currently in progress.

Still, for some applications, users are asking for access to the raw data from the internal IMU therefore we list this functionality in the specs.

please put the rs2 imu to work, it was a sales argument that it had that device, and that was one of the reasons why I bought the equipment. Although it costs a lot of effort we want to see it in our rs2.


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