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(Luis Galina) #1

What is the correct GNSS configuration for the SNR? I have very few satellites in green.

(Luis Galina) #2

(Tobias Dahms) #3

I don’t see why the configuration should influence the SNR value. Maybe you need to move your GNSS antenna away from sources which potentially cause interferences.

(Luis Galina) #4

very good conditions 1100 meters above sea level all clear

(Tobias Dahms) #5

yes, but probably you electronic devices cause interferences?

(Andrew Yushkevich) #7

Hi @agrimgalina,

What Elevation mask angle and SNR mask values do you have?

Also, as @tobias-dahms mentioned, it can be a possible reason for the issue.

(Luis Galina) #8

Hello Andrew 15 mask SNR 35 no electronic devices!

(Andrew Yushkevich) #9

Do you have RS/RS+ or M+?

Also, please, share you raw logs from the device as well as full system report.

(Luis Galina) #10

RS+ two units

(Andrew Yushkevich) #11

Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell the reason without looking into logs.