Single or multiband for post processing?

I want to make ground control points for drone photogrammetry, long measuring and Rinex.

Can this be done equally good with RS+ as RS2?

Hi Andreas!
There is stated that if measure time is not a constrain, Both RS+ or RS2 can obtain almost the same precision. But in practical matters, the RS2 can obtain the same result in much lower time than the RS+. Time to fix with the RS+ can be between 1 to 2 minutes, while with RS2 can be about 5 seconds.
The magic is the multiband capability of the RS2. The ionosphere error can be weed out much easily with the same data coming from the GNSS satellites, because the ionosphere delay is related with the signal frequency.
Hope this explain make sense to you.
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Hi Andreas,

Both models can achieve the same centimeter-level accuracy in RTK. But Diego rightly noticed Reach RS2 calculates the Fix solution faster.

Other Reach RS2 benefits include the increased baseline (up to 60 km in RTK and 10 km for Reach RS+) and the ability to handle some obstacles nearby. So, you can collect precise GCPs even if the sky view is partially obstructed by buildings or trees. Still, Reach RS+ is a good fit if you work in an open area at relatively short baselines.

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