Simultaneously output corrections via caster and serial

I’ve set up my RS2 with base output on serial and use an external radio to send corrections to another GNSS rover (non-Emlid). Surprisingly, when I checked, I noticed my mountpoint was also online. NTRIP corrections via this mountpoint are received by other GNSS systems and result in a fixed solution.

So Caster and Serial are both outputing corrections at the same time from one RS2 device. However, I can’t find a button to toggle this on or off. Is this a bug in the firmware? (Which is actually a very nice bug, because we use Emlids and other GNSS systems simultaneously). This is with the latest firmware by the way.

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So does this mean you are able to log/ record data from the base to post process your readings?

Hi Sean,

Thanks for sharing this!

Reach can only output the corrections via one option. So in your case, it should be either NTRIP or Serial. So this looks quite surprising! Is there any chance that another receiver was connected to the mount point and sharing the corrections?

I don’t think that was the case. The rover was receiving corrections via a radio connection from the Emlid base (serial + external radio). In the Emlid caster portal, the base was still “online”.

When I have time I’ll try to recreate this and make some screenshots for you.

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Hi Sean,

Yes, sure, please let me know if you’ll be able to reproduce it.

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