SIM connection doesn't work on RS2

I have problems related to loss of connection to the SIM from the beginning with my RS2.
With my RS2+ it doesn’t seem to happen.

On RS2 I can only fix it by restarting the receiver every time.

Hi Mauricio,

Can you share more details about this loss of connection? What does ReachView 3 say when the connection is lost? Does it still show the mobile data is there?

Is 3G coverage good on your worksite? And in general, do you face this issue on some exact worksite or everywhere?

RV3 disables the mobile data button on its own.
It doesn’t have a rule.
Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t, it’s random.

It is only solved by restarting the receiver.

And after that, it works smoothly until next reboot?

Please share the full system report to We’ll check in the report what’s happening with a 3.5G modem.

Sometimes it works fine for a while.
Sometimes it just stops again.

I’ll ask the field staff to provide the reports.

Thanks! I’ll be waiting for them.

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I’ve had the same thing since I bought the rs2. I wrote about it many times, until today I have not received a response from Emlid’s team.

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