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Sim card

(Mohammad Ardestani) #1

How to use sim card for 4g control on navio 2?
What module needed?

(George Staroselskiy) #2

You’d need a 4G modem. Take a look at this project.

(Mohammad Ardestani) #3

Thank you, but which model of modem? The modem instantly connect to rasberry pi or connect to navio 2?

(Mikhail) #4

@Mohammad_Ardestani we have successfully used ZTE MF923D, but I cannot guarantee that it will work in your country. I’d suggest to search on Raspberry Pi forum for more information.


I used a Sierra Wireless 7710 with a Mini PCI Express to USB adapter connected to Raspberry Pi.

Try to get a contract with public IP, that will make things easier.

(Mohammad Ardestani) #6

Thanks bro @mikhail.avkhimenia

(Mohammad Ardestani) #7

Thanks bro @Gerbaum