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Hello EMLID Community,

I am very new to this area - more driven by the need.
My task to do a topographic survey of a area in Sierra Leone.
I have a DJI drone incl. LiDAR sensor and a RTK station.
But to optimise the absolute measurement accuracy I need to measure a reference point, with ± 5-10cm deviation. I do not know, if there are NTRIP data available in Sierra Leone, Kono district. Therefore my question to you here:

  • Do you know, if NTRIP data or similar is available in Sierra Leone?
  • Could I get the accuracy by using one base station and rover?
    Thank you very much in advance!
    Best regards

Hi Stephan,

Welcome to our forum!

I’ve also made a little research and couldn’t find any NTRIP service in Sierra Leone.

However, you can obtain a point for the base station with PPP method. Then collect reference points in RTK or PPK with base and rover pair of receivers. With this setup you can obtain an absolute accuracy.

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Hi Anna,

thank you very much for your answer!

That is what I also now found out. Is the service “Canadian NRCan CSRS-PPP service” working for all countries?

One more question: I read something about i.e. Trimble RTX (Coverage Maps for Trimble Positioning Services | Trimble GNSS Positioning). Is Emlid planing to integrate this service in the future? Is current hardware in general compatible?

Thank you very much, Anna!

We will get our Emlid hardware tomorrow and will use in the next week in Sierra Leone!

Best regards

Yep, world-wide

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Both of you, thank you very much!!! Best regards Stephan

Happy purchase!

I’ve checked the Trimble RTX. It’s one of real-time PPP services, which are not supported by Reach units now. But I will note your request and pass it to the team!

Thank you again!
we had the first test measurement and it worked good!
Thank you!

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Once worked in Sierra Leone (Salone), There was no NTRIP. They are a few National Beacons along the coast, inland i doubt but most of them were destroyed. We managed to find one in Pepel right at the Port which was in UTM system. We used that one to do a 250km railway from Pepel to Tonkolili. Our primary control was Static BM every 25km, then densified secondary control to 5km Static again. Levelled the whole 250km with dumpy. Good luck with finding control in Kono its about 100km straight distance from Tonkolili


Thank you very much!
I deal with the PPP method now. Based on my testdata it seems to be good.
I used the Canadian website. Only I am concerned regarding accuracy in local coordination system. I am no professional and that is all confusing :slight_smile:

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