Settings for surveying in Canada

Hello everyone.

As a novice, I notice that there are many parameters based on the physical location of the equipment and the type of work to be performed.
Perhaps it is impossible to answer it, but: would there be preferential settings for a manual (ponctual) survey with only one rover in Eastern Canada?
Frequencies, type of sat, AR … a wizard could be great for the next iteration!


I am from Western Canada but first of all I would ask what you are using for a base station and how you will be receiving corrections at rover. After that is ascertained I will gladly share any info I have, although most of it is generic and not specific to Canada.

Hi Brent,

Actually, I’m only using the rover (not sure if I can call it rover if I’m only using one module), but I have another one for the base, unused now. I don’t using it because I want to do fast survey on the field, before a uav flight, to confirm the path, exported in .shp, ~1m are ok.
Is the accuracy can be enough good (~1m) with only one module?
Is it possible to be fast with a base too? I have a 3dr radio kit for it, not set yet.

Also, I saw there is some NRCan caster across Canada. Is it free? I didn’t find info about connection.

Thanks again

For a single Rover Static L1 only LLH, NRCan PPP is approx. 1 M. I suggest the following for IGS/NRCan for real-time info. Use Rover - Base Real-Time for precise relative surveys. L1 only LLH earth based less accurate & maybe not available. Don’t know about price. Says public service free with registration. Assume you would have cell phone coverage.

Also, try:

See Emlid Docs & Tutorial for more details…

Hi you can certainly do a fast survey with a rtk connection. You may not always have a good “fixed” solution, but a “float” solution, in my judgment, would be much better than a “single” solution. Once all initial config is completed you can use your base station on many jobs while literally only adding the time it takes to set up base station tripod(if you’re using one) and turn it on. It will determine it’s own position as per preconfigured settings and initiate the correction stream. Good luck.

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