Setting up Trimble Nomad 900G with Reach RS

I am having trouble setting up Trimble Nomad 900G to switch from COM2 internal unit satellite receiver to using the Reach RS rover receives data to pass through to it instead? SatViewer and TerraSync. When I try to switch from COM2 to a port added via BlueTooth setup such as COM8 it doesnt work.

Found a .cab file after (installed) to ADD a COM8 OR COM9 as “INCOMING” port hoping that would work, but no go.
No go either.

I think MicroSurvey FieldGenius and Layout are properly set up to use Reach RS as a BASIC GNSS though? Reach RS isnt obviously in the supported devices drop down list.

Thank you for the help.

Hey there,

Did you manage to pair your rover and data controller? Did you setup Position Output in ReachView first?

The process of Reach integration with different controllers may vary a little, however, FieldGenius should work just fine with Reach RS.

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