Setting up Reach with Orphéon and Phantom RTK

Hi guys !

Just didn’t find how to setup the orphéon network connexion and the emlid caster to the phantom RTK.

I want my base to get corrections from orpheon network then to update positions to the drone flying on the field.

Could you help me please ?

Thanks for your help.

Have a nice week end !

What have you tried so far in your efforts to setup the connection the network?

Hi Sebastien,

I’ve just googled Orphéon network. I’m not that good at French (actually, not good at all), but it seems to be French NTRIP service. Am I right?

If so, you don’t need Emlid Caster to connect it with DJI P4P RTK. You can connect your drone to this network right away.

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Thanks for your reply ! Yes it s a ntrip service but if I want my emlid to correct position do I have to link the phantom with the emlid? Because if I link the phantom with orpheon I don’t need the emlid ? Thanks for your help

Hi Sebastien,

Oh, I didn’t get from the first that you have the Reach device.

I see your workflow now:

  1. You want to establish the base position with the Orphéon network
  2. Then, you want to pass corrections from the base to the drone via Emlid Caster.

So, at which step did you face difficulties? If the first one, maybe this guide will be of help.

If the second one, I need more details about the issue, like a screenshot from the DJI app and ReachView 3 Correction output tab.

Hi Svetlana, sorry for my late answer, I’ve got the covid, my brain and my body are not connected correctly.

I had these settings :

in Reach correction Input : NTRIP with orpheon credentials
In reach correction output : Emily Caster with base credentials

In my Phantom RTK in the RTK options, I have the Emlid rovers credentials.

Connexion doesn’t work between drone and Reach, but in Reach I don’t see connection to the corrections network.

Thanks for your kind help and take care

Hi Sebastien,

Get better soon!

From your description, everything looks right. Still, there is an error somewhere. Can you share the following screenshots:

  • ReachView Correction input tab
  • ReachView Correction output tab
  • ReachView NTRIP profiles tab with the Orpheon network profile
  • And, if possible, a screenshot of DJI settings

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