Setinng of two EMLID REACH RS+ with cm acccuracy - manual - step by step and so on.. HELP


we purchased two EMLID REACH RS + units to get the coordinates (GPS… ) of the agricultural machines on high accuracy land.

Can you send me a link or manual setting these units to gather motion coordinates for an example from a tractor during work oparetion. Coordinates would need to be subsequently exported to some computer programs (GPX, xls similarly).
Please help me…

Start by clicking the “Docs” icon in the header of this web-page:

That will cover most of your question. Once you get that done, more specific questions will arise, and there the forum is very helpful.

Thank you…

What about connector for external power supply connector is this:?

I do not find specification in forum…

only here -

and there is no specification…

The connector is available here:

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