Set D - Serial 2 to I2c

Is it possible to send telemetry to I2C, my Radiolink AT10 with optional PRM 02 uses I2C

Fresh install, just got now putting together my hex, I am saving UART for Reach External GPS.


It’s just easier to add USB-UART (CP210x and the like) and have as many UARTs as you want.

The telemetry is sent either over TCP/UDP or serial, so no I2C is not an option per se but it might be not needed after all.

Thanks for the response, that answers my question. I’m getting telemetry though usb radio now on my computer now, but I won’t always be flying with my computer and I don’t know how to interface the radio with the Radiolink AT-10 RC. As best as I can tell the only way to get telemetry to the AT-10 is with the PRM-02

Does anybody have another solution?

I think you will need the PRM-02 anyways, because it does not only convert between UART and I2C, but also between mavlink and a Radiolink data format. So even if mavlink telemetry would be send over I2C or you could interface the telemetry radio with your TX, it will not work.

So this may be a dumb question, but where do I “plug in”, the only cable I have has I2C on each end

Sorry, I do not understand your question. Cables usually do not care what data is send through them. If it is I2C or UART makes no difference for the cable. The connectors can be simple pins or DF13 or anything.
The PR-02 has UART on one side, this goes to the Navio and I2C on the other side, this goes to the receiver.

Thanks so much for the help,

I think I understand, the side on the left (GND-SDA-SCL-VCC+) to radiolink the other side connects to the Navio2, just change the connections match up what’s needed and don’t use the extra wires, cause my navie2 UART out has more than 4 pins (6 I think, +5, RX, TX, GPIO, GPIO, GND)

Now I’m really gonna cloud the water, as I mentioned, the UART port on the navio2 is needed to connect to my Reach RTK unit for a second GPS.

What is the ADC port and what info does it output?

ADC stands for “Analog Digital Converter”.
It is what the powermodule is connected to and there are extra ADC ports on the Navio2.
The powermodule gives out a voltage from 0-5V proportional (more or less) to the voltage and current the battery delivers.
The ADC converts this voltage into 1024 steps an MCU or software can read.

You got the connection of the PR-02 right.
If you need an extra UART, you will have to use an USB-UART adapter. That is one of the downsides of the RPi.

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