Sending Data Over UART

Hey all,
I’m on 2.5.3. I’m fairly new to the types of interfaces that Reach uses. I’m trying to send the position data to a Raspberry Pi 3 over UART connection. As I understand it, I don’t need any sort of adapter. It is wired up 5V-5V, Gnd-Gnd, RX-TX, TX-RX and that’s it.

I wrote a simple script to read serial data but it prints blank lines. I’m assuming this is simple and I am just doing something wrong. Does anyone have any experience with this?

This will be used for a UAV eventually. How have you guys kept them paired when the base station is far away and there is no wifi?

Have you matched your settings / baud rates on both ends? 57600 N 8 1 or similar?

Gnd-Gnd is good.
5V-5V might be a bad idea, however you may be able to power one from the other (5Vout-5Vin), but I wouldn’t do it without confirming that you won’t be drawing too much current.

It sounds like you have your TX/RX set correctly, but as a last ditch effort, swap them.

Thanks for the reply! I have definitely made that mistake in the past so I swapped them before posting to make sure I wouldn’t be wasting anybody’s time. I have baud rate set to 115200 on both ends, but it is my understanding that if they are out of sync, it will spit out garbage. For some reason I’m not seeing anything at all.

Next step, oscilloscope? Or try connecting to a different device? Maybe you have one of the port name wrong?

What about jumping TX and RX together on each device and see if you can get some feedback?