Send data through Wifi with the Reach RTK

Hi everybody,

I’m looking to send data through the wifi connection of the Reach RTK but I don’t know how do that. I have a program that collect data from the IMU and stock them but instead of that, I would like to send these data in real time. The program is in C++ so I would like to use the wifi program also in C++. But to do that, I have to use the library “winsock2.h” which is not install on the Reach. Anybody has an idea on how can I install this library on the Reach ? Or has another idea on how transfer data through wifi?

Thank you.


Hi @kevin.bertrand,

Is there a reason why you don’t want to use position output in ReachView?
You could use Serial, TCP or Bluetooth for your purposes as well as different output formats.

Hello Andrew,

We use ReachView for the tracking but we need to receive the IMU data because, for an experimentation, we have to calculate different things. For exemple, we work on a project that consist to observe the behavior of animals and with this device, we can have the precise position of the animal and with the IMU data, we can calculate more or less accurately if the animal is moving, sleeping, eating or something like that.
So we needed to send data through the wifi connection because we’ll use it in a farm. But I found a library already installed on the Reach RTK and now everything works well.


Wow, would be great to see some photos once you start the tests on a farm :eyes:

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