Screen /dev/ttyMFD2 57600 dont work


when i use screen

/dev/ttyMFD2 57600 on my reach i can do any input…

my rfd900 work and i can use it

best regards


ok! i have found it.

i have to disable all connections in reachview to dev/tty…

in correction input and also base.

before i set it to tcp. i think sometimes off is not off.

Hi @Andreas_Ortner Andreas
Question: Can you connect reach using 3DR radios rigth now with using the latest beta image reachwiew 2, using UART mode? If yes can you share with us how did you got it?

yes i can connect.

@ base: basemode ->correction output to serial
@ rover; correction input -> serial

i was easy!

have a look in other settings that not another output is set to serial…
i often set output to tcp then i press save, then is switch it off.


hello andreas

uart correction from base to rover using 3RD radios does not work. the rover cannot see the correction.
I already check if base is sending rtcm3 messages; i can catch them using a third radio.
so i 'm wondering how you configured your system?


Hi Stef welcome back! I asked you some questions about your software !
Maybe you can give a answer also?