SBAS (EGNOS) ever used when no other correction source is available?

Hi Emlid,

From observing ReachView GUI I would say that EGNOS (SBAS) is never used when no other source of corrections is available, am I correct or I’m misjudging the GUI?
PS: I’m using ReachView 2.9.3

Many thanks


SBAS corrections are differential corrections not RTK corrections, the emlid version of RTKLIB does not support differential (non phase) based augmentation.
I have never successfully set up the vanilla rtklib to use space based differential corrections.

Hi Simon

To be honest, I’m not sure if RTKlib does support SBAS or not but the ublox NEO-M8T chipset does.


Hi Simon,

RTKlib does support SBAS Ionospheric Correction, Tropospheric Correction and Satellite Ephemeris / Clock in post-processing which seems to suggesst that may also work in real time.


Hi @Isaac,

They are used for ranging, but not for corrections. SBAS iono and tropo are useless in RTK.

Hi Igor,

My question was if SBAS is ever used for code positioning (no RTK) and if I understood correctly the response is “no”, correct?


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