Save hundreds on FieldGenius Android version

Hi, received an e-mail from E38 Survey Solutions about a sale on FieldGenius for Android and information on the new Mavic 3 Enterprise RTK and the Emlid Reach RX Hard Case that they offer, that you might be interested in.
Save $319 on FieldGenius for Android. The offer ends October 31.

Mavic 3 Enterprise RTK Available

Emlid Reach RX Hard Case Available

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Good share. I got that this morning too. I just handed off the Evo RTK so Papa needs a new drone… I’m pretty sure that price is without the RTK module. Just like the Evo.

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Michael, you are correct, without the RTK module. Here is the link to their offer with the RTK module included. Also, here is the link to Autel’s sale on the Version 2 of Autel Robotics EVO II Pro 6K Enterprise Rugged Bundle V2 including the RTK Module, because of the new intro of V3 models. $4,099.00 vs $5,123.00, saving of $1,024.00
DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise SP Care Plus

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