Satellite Update Rates and Message frequencies (Hz)?

Does anyone have any “simple” videos or reading on how this works?

Thank you.

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Not sure if this fits your description but worth seeing anyways.

I saw that a while back and remember it was very good. I’ll take a look at it again and hopefully get it a little better this time.

Thanks Tore.

PS. VERY GOOD VIDEO! Everyone should watch this video in their early learning stages!

Yeah i wasnt sure if you meant the update frequency of your rover and how fast it would update its position or how fast the data is coming from the satellite.
If the its the first then it highly depends on your gear. Like Reach with 1,5,10 and 14hz

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Yes, how fast my rover would update it’s position.

I think I am getting confused. Isn’t the higher the Update Rate the better for smoother and faster finer definition when rover is moving? I.e. 14 Hz best for this. (Maybe courser definition if lower Hz?) I understand if rover is static or just collecting one point, I guess 1Hz would be fine? But I need a fast realtime update of multiple point collection also.

Actually, this is the video I was referring to that is also very good:


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