Satelite number and signal strength data

Hello, i am in need to collect/use the individual satellite signal data. In the old app, those information are represented as green and gray bars. I am sure those information are available somewhere but not when i use export options. Any help is grestly appreciated.

If you log rinex or ubx raw-data, you can use RTKplot to see these data in your own pace.

If you need to do it real-time, you can likely run some parsing on the NMEA stream, though I can’t remember by heart which message contains this information.

Hi Andre,

Yep, as Christian said, you can check the data from each satellite individually if you record raw data logs during the survey. Then, these logs can be opened in free Emlid Studio. There you’ll see each observed satellite and its SNR during the whole survey.

But why do you need to check it? Is it for a specific project?

Thanks Julia and Christian for your reply. I guess I obtained the needed information. I am evaluating the application of GNSS signal attenuation by plant canopy ( putting one receiver above and another one below the tree) in response to plant water stress/content. If anyone has any experience/interest in this, please reach out.

Hi Andre,

Hmm, I’m not very experienced in this sphere. But can say that generally, we don’t recommend using the GNSS receivers in areas with a dense canopy. Vegetation not only blocks the satellite signals, but also causes the multipath. So it affects the operation of the receiver in quite a complex way.

What do you want to check in your project?

Check this:

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