S2 on M2 is this truly Emlid Lora only?

Ok so my problem is i already use S1 for NMEA out for tractor guidance. So its all tied up.

I would like to send correction Data through S2 through some higher watt Loras that have a serial interface. The current ones would be awesome for a drone but i need more power as wheat fields are pretty big, treed and hilly and the tractor is pretty low to the ground. Can i do this by just hooking up tx rx and ground through a ttl to 232 converter?

Or is S2 specifically only works for Emlid Lora Radio only.

If it is Emlid specific is there a way in the works to change it to be an extra serial ttl port?

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I will have to ask a friend. He uses a TTL to RS232 converter on his but not sure S1 or S2

Currently thats my setup on S1

Will give S2 a shot, but I do not see serial selection for it in reach view, just Emlid Lora.

Hi @PotatoFarmer,

Different LoRa radios have different specifications and requirements. That’s why you can only connect Reach M+/M2 LoRa radio to S2 port. Also, the TX, RX, and GND pins may not be enough to connect a LoRa.

Will give S2 a shot, but I do not see serial selection for it in reach view, just Emlid Lora.

Yes, according to the reasons I’ve described above, there is no such option in the ReachView app.

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Since S1 is used for machine control, having S2 Emlid lora only really makes it tough to use for corrections on a larger scale without using cellular.

Is Emlid ever going to come out with a higher wattage radio, if the port cannot be toggled to standard ttl output?

Don’t you consider connecting a higher wattage LoRa radio to the mini-USB port via USB to UART converter?

Also, the S1 port can be used for both Correction input and Position output. However, you need to make a custom cable for this. You can use the TX pin for NMEA output and RX for corrections.

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good to know. thank you

custom cable on S1 it is!

This I can pull off, this will solve my problem.

M2 is super picky with power i will keep the usb for power in.

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All right built the custom cable to receive corrections and send NMEA data at the same time. :sunglasses:

The biggest pitfall I found was that the emlid NMEA and Corrections baud rate have to be the exactly same but the Emlid software has no warning about this but it makes sense. The baud on the NMEA output page and the baud on the Corrections input page must match.

Then things get a bit goofy. I Already have NMEA cranked to 57600bps to get the mass of data into the multiplexer to strip out 95% of the data. So my correction stream must also be 57600bps input to the Emlid M2.

Luckily the 1W EBYTE radios are very flexible and configure connection baud rate and air rate baud separately so I am able to pull this trick off. I can receive external serial corrections at the same time finally.

The Emlid Lora is still connected but deselected without issue.

It all works on the bench, so hopefully it will translate into some solid distance from base in not so line of sight conditions.

The sky is truly the limit for correction input options now.


Is EBYTE radio good? how far is 1 watt.

They seem well built, have not tested them outside yet, only 6” apart so far.

Combine season has cut into my development time with M2. Will post a thread about them after combining when i can get back to testing.

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