Running a Reach basestation 365 days a year?

Reach is pretty awesome and I find more measurement and tractor tasks for it all the time :grin: . I am thinking of running the basestation 365 days a year.

Does anyone know the mean hours to failure of this hardware?

Is there a possibility to see board temperature remotely?


Hi @PotatoFarmer,

Reach RS2 could be supplied with an external power via the RS-232 port for operation in permanent base mode. That could be achieved with the cable we provide in our store. RS2 is dust- and waterproof, so that it can safely operate under demanding weather conditions, including a broad range of temperatures from -20 to +65 Ā°C. The extension port pinout might be of use here too.

You can monitor the battery temperature from the ReachView app by tapping on the battery icon in the interface. So, it should be possible if you have remote access to the network which is used by the RS2.

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Is there anyway to see the temperature of an M2?

I am kind of in love with those little modules after their stellar performance guiding my tractor. I currently use an M2 as base and rover for agriculture.


Hi @PotatoFarmer,

Iā€™m afraid this feature is not available at the moment. We will consider adding that functionality down the road. Thank you for your request.


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