RTKPOST - Does not process L1 + L5

RTKPOST Version QT 2.4.3 Emlid b33 does not process the combination L1 + L5.
Any idea what it might be?

What error do you get?

it crashes and an APPCRASH error appears

Hi Mauricio,

Could you clarify why you need the L1 + L5 solution?

For Reach RS2 devices, please use the L1 + L2 option.

for tests

Hi Mauricio,

We’ll check what’s wrong here.

Hi Mauricio,

As I said earlier, Reach RS2 devices provide data for L1 + L2 PPK only. That’s why we’ll likely remove the L1 + L5 processing option from the app in future versions.

If you need to process L1 + L5 logs from 3rd-party devices, I’d recommend using other RTKLIB versions.

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