RTKPLOT Adding and displaying waypoints

Newby question.
I am just starting to use reach and rtklib. I started rtkplot and entered two waypoints. These waypoints do not display in the grid. I changed the grid to 5m and the points are about 10m apart. I selected show map/waypoints. What do I need to do to display the waypoints in the grid.

I just tried it. I added a waypoint. It did not display on the grid. I clicked View; Show Map/Waypoint. When I was sufficiently zoomed out, the waypoint appeared on the screen.

It could be that your map origin is in one area, and your waypoints are in a different area of the map. Use the cursor to find the coordinates of a location that is in your map view (visible in the bottom status bar; if not then click View; show status bar). Create a waypoint there and see if it appears in the proper location.

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I can now see the waypoints. It took a lot of zoom to find them.

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